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How we started

Our journey started like all the best ideas the pub.  Searching for evening catering ideas for our own May barn wedding, we came across the same, unoriginal choices which just didn't quite fit the bill. We ended up serving our guests with a mountain of cheese, but found it lacked a certain something.  And then there was the washing up.  Wouldn't it be wonderful, we thought, to have some gorgeous vehicle turn up, serving delicious, hot food that we'd chosen ourselves, then do all the clearing up too?  And what if, that food just happened to be the go-to snack of drinkers, dancers, children, teens and pensioners alike...CHEESE TOASTIES? And just like that, TOASTY BOX was born. Tah dah!

Well, sort of.  The search began for the perfect vehicle, something stylish yet simple, pretty yet practical.  Our vintage Rice horsebox ticked all the boxes.  A few paint swatches, sand blasts, steel bends and shelf assemblies later, she was nearly ready to go.

Our journey since has led us to the best fillings (although we're always open to new ones...) the fanciest and fastest toasty machines, the cheesiest puns and unrivaled skills in reversing our lovely box into postage stamp sized spots.  It's also led us to all sorts of super events, from woodland weddings to family fireworks.  

We love meeting and working with our lovely clients, and seeing all their amazing ideas.  If you think we might be the Box for you, get in touch to arrange a free quote and/or toasty tasting session.   


It's what's on the inside that counts
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